Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo is a spicy, paprika scented pork sausage, which is generally eaten cooked. When cooked, chorizo can melt down and let out beautifully spiced oils, perfect for cooking other food in. It can also be used raw, sliced thinly, in dishes like antipasti or to top pizzas. Read on for some delicious recipes that really make the most of this sausage, or have a look at our home-made chorizo sausage recipe to make your own.

Top chefs are forever saying that the key to delicious food is using top-quality ingredients, and to make the most of the recipes on this website you will want to use the very finest chorizo you can. To see a selection of high-quality chorizo sellers, please see our buying chorizo page.

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About Chorizo:

Chorizo is commonly used throughout Europe as a seasoning — it's often cut into very small chunks and allowed to render down, resulting in melt in the mouth pork as well as a real kick of flavour to any dish.

Chorizo is used in Portugal, too, but is more commonly named 'Chourico'. In Portugal, it tends to be left in pieces as opposed to melted down, and is used in the same way chicken or beef would be used, in that it's almost used as an extra meat instead of a flavour.

Chicken is often paired with chorizo as it's quite a delicately flavoured meat and therefore takes on other flavours really well. You'll find many chicken and chorizo recipes above, including a pasta dish and a paella dish.

If you can't get hold of chorizo sausage, either make your own or use a good Italian spicy sausage instead. Look for varieties that contain a lot of paprika and you'll be on the right track!

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